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All About Virtualization - Benefits And How To Get There Now

Posted by Sean Kline

Let's take an quick overview all about virtualization - the different types, benefits and how to get there today in your small business.  We have already written quite a few blog posts about it, but this one brings them all together.

all about virtualization

Server Virtualization

The number of physical servers you need to run your business can be significantly reduced by using virtual servers as the picture above shows.  This provides great savings in power and cooling and offers very fast recovery time.  Check out the following blog articles for more information:

Small Business IT Virtualization - A Path To Savings

For a discussion on virtualization costs and return on investment, see these posts:

Virtualization And Small Business Benefits - Dollars And Sense

Will Virtualization Cost More Than A Standard Network Installation?

To understand how server virtualization works and what is needed, read these articles:

Small Business Virtualization Example - How To Do It All On 1 Server

4 Core Vs 6 Core - Why More Is Less For Small Business Virtualization

For a discussion on virtualization security, refer to this article:

Things To Consider When Virtualizing - #1 Security

To understand the organizational implications of virtualization, see the following:

IT Services Department: Replaced By Virtualization?

For a fun use case, read:

The Benefits Of Virtualization: Company Optimization And Harry Potter

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization pools physical disks and makes them accessible as virtual drives saving money, increasing reliability and improving efficiency of IT personnel.  This blog article explains in more depth:

Storage Virtualization Benefits for Small Business IT

Endpoint or Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization of the endpoint comes in many forms and by many names - client, endpoint, desktop and operating system virtualization are all used.  This article talks about a typical use case:

Small Business Endpoint Virtualization - Smartphones, Tablets And PCs

For a discussion on alternative implementations, see the following posts:

What is Desktop Virtualization? VDI vs. Session Virtualization

How does Desktop Virtualization Work to Improve Productivity?

What are your virtualization plans?

Key Takeaways:

  • Server virtualization dramatically reducing power and cooling costs and improves recovery time
  • To maximize utilization of information infrastructure, turn to storage virtualization
  • For mobility, improved efficiency and reduced risk, endpoint virtualization is a great solution

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