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IT Managed Services

Since 1987, Turbotek Computer Corporation has grown to be one of the largest small business IT managed services companies in New Hampshire.  Our professional staff includes a team of highly certified technicians that work with the latest technology to manage your network.

Here at Turbotek we use a holistic approach to analyze your business's IT infrastructure and then use our analysis to appropriately address your company's needs. Through our decades of experience, we have determined that a business's IT infrastructure cannot cost-effectively last without a proactive approach to its technology needs. The Turbotek Way seeks to educate business leaders of the current Best Practices used in the industry.

Frequently, companies encounter problems because they follow a reactive approach to their IT. However, this will result in a pyramid-effect of technology problems. For instance:

  • Security may not be robust enough
  • Servers may be poorly managed
  • Data may not be backed up in case of a disaster

These are just some of the many issues we see.

All in all, it gets down to being pragmatic: some problems just aren't worth fixing. For example, solving a low-risk firewall issue may increase security, but it may also reduce employee efficiency. Business owners shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the complicated problems involved in IT. Turbotek will supply you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to advise you on what technology decisions would be best for your business.



Shown above are the three IT managed services packages that Turbotek offers. There is technology smart and then there is business smart; Turbotek's small business IT support will make your company both. No matter the size of your business or network, you get a unique plan to fit your unique needs.

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