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The Benefits Of Virtualization: Company Optimization And Harry Potter

Posted by Sean Kline

I was on vacation recently visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my family.  Normally, I would not be thinking about the benefits of virtualization at such times, but circumstances dictated otherwise.  First, on the way to Florida, in my haste getting the luggage out of the vehicle at the airport, I forgot my iPad.  More on that later...

The benefits of virtualization

While sipping frozen butter beer in the crowded heat of Orlando, my business was still running and occasionally needed my attention.   I could handle some of this using a browser on my wife's iPad, but some of it demanded access to internal company applications.

Because we have session virtualization deployed, I am able to access any of my company resources independent of the device available at my disposal.  So, while my wife was standing in line for her wand, I was able to impact a material amount of profit in my company by accessing our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and ensuring that customer orders were being processed correctly.

Since we have implemented server virtualization, the power, cooling and management requirements of the resources I was accessing are 25% of what they might otherwise be.  To see what I mean, check out Virtualization And Small Business Benefits - Dollars And Sense.  I was also able to sleep better at night knowing that should a disaster strike and a server go down, recovery would be minutes or hours rather than what could be days.

It turned out that I had to return a day ahead of the rest of my family, so I no longer had the luxury of my wife's iPad.  Even so, when time sensitive events struck while sitting at the airport, I could use my iPhone to access the exact same resources I had before using virtualization.  Again, this had a material impact on my business. 

While one could argue that this experience was a case of technology allowing me to be too tied in, I would rather have the option than not.  Such activity while is welcomed when traveling on business - perhaps somewhat less when on the Harry Potter ride ;-)

How do you need to access your business resources when traveling?

Key Takeaways:

  • Session virtualization provides access to internal company resource not accessible through a browser
  • Server virtualization provides both a lower cost infrastructure and reduced risk due to faster recovery from disaster
  • One may take advantage of session virtualization on a wide variety of devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktops


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