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Will Windows 7 Work On My Computer? Three Steps To Avoid Problems.

Posted by Sean Kline

You may ask will Windows 7 work on my computer thinking about hardware, but this is not the only issue.  From a hardware perspective, there are some great tools to determine if your company's computers are ready.  The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will let you know if there are any known hardware or software compatibility issues. 

will windows 7 work on my computer

Any modern PC will support Windows 7 System Requirements, but the bigger issue may be third-party software.  Follow these three steps to avoid unforeseen upgrade problems:

  1. Inventory third-party software support of Windows 7
  2. Develop a Windows XP migration plan

The Windows XP to 7 migration plan may include a number of things:

As mentioned in Should You Upgrade To Windows 7 From XP Now?, there are a number of great reasons to upgrade to Windows 7 including improved performance, better security and increased productivity.  No major upgrade should be taken lightly and a proactive plan is important with Windows 7.  What is you Windows 7 migration plan?

Key Takeaways:

  • Third-party software is the most frequent challenge in migrating to Windows 7
  • There are multiple ways to deal with software that does not have native support for Windows 7
  • Windows 7 brings improved performance, better security and increased

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