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Nerdwise Interview: The Business of IT and a Beginners Mindset

Posted by Sean Kline


Turbotek CEO and President, Sean Kline was recently interviewed by Nerdwise. Nerdwise enables sales teams to accelerate each stage of the buying process from prospect discovery to outreach and acquisition. Their mission is to help companies work smarter and grow faster by leveraging the latest marketing systems, technologies and best practices.

In this interview, you'll learn how Turbotek has grown to be one of the largest small business IT managed services companies in New Hampshire. Sean Kline speaks about the lessons he's learned during his 30 year career in technology.

In this conversation you'll learn:

  • How and why Sean acquired Turbotek. - A brief look at Sean's acquisition and history with Turbotek.
  • Sean's proactive approach to boosting productivity with IT - with more flexible, robust technology systems. Creating a customized IT strategy plan based on the needs of your business goals  and infrastructure.
  • Selling engagements vs. creating long-term client relationships - Understanding the different between sales engagement conversations and building relationships by taking the time to truly understand your clients needs to better identify the processes need going forward. 
  • The importance of process, KPIs and understanding your “Why” - As we've learned from David Goggins and Simon Sinek, "why" is the most important question you can ask. Sean discusses his mantra "One More" and his passion for proactive IT and strategic planning to help his customers.
  • Challenges and tactics in measuring IT costs, ROI and business impact 
  • What’s next for Sean and Turbotek at-large and coming out of Covid - Sean's plan forward to grow Turbotek in an effort to reach more companies and execute more cybersecurity tools with a focus on proactivity. 

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