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IT Strategy Planning: Focusing On Your Business Goals

Posted by Sean Kline



Turbotek’s own Sean Kline was interviewed by Radio Entrepreneurs. Radio Entrepreneurs interviews small business owners who are addressing the needs of the economy, grow their business and getting to market, while keeping culture strong. Sean discussed Turbotek’s mission to help small businesses achieve growth with information technology through IT strategy planning.

The Current Landscape

In days past, technology services often tend to be reactive. Even now, most IT service providers are fundamentally reacting when a crisis arises. While deploying tools to monitor, manage, secure, and backup are acceptable in the technology industry, many providers are missing a key element to their services. Strategy. They don't have a rigorous process to understand their customers business goals and metrics, to backfill technology to align to their needs, and ensure their technology is adhering to best practices and standards. 

Focusing on Your Business Goals

Small businesses can achieve more success and avoid core IT issues by aligning technologies to best practices and standards. Determining your technology needs based on your business goals and desired results are the core of Turbotek's services. If technology is at the core of your business model, a reactive approach is not going to serve your business. 

Key takeaways

  • Your IT program should be based on the needs of your business and its goals.  
  • Your IT Service Provider should work with you to understand your business infrastructure and create a customized IT strategy plan for your business. 
  • Your technology and IT programs are adhering to best practices and standards at every level - from servers to software and hardware. Removed the extra dot  

Hear the full interview here.

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