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Remote Access Terminal Server - Five Ways To Increase Profit Now

Posted by Sean Kline

A remote access terminal server which is now called a Remote Desktop Session Host is a great way to both reduce costs and increase revenues through better employee efficiency.  Following are five ways to increase profit in your small business using Remote Desktop Services.

remote access terminal server

  1. Accelerate on boarding of new workers.  Configuring new computers, software, network connections and other settings is time consuming for both those who have to do it and the end users.  Remote Desktop Services in its simplest form leverages a single installation of everything needed for end users.  Deployment is virtually instantaneous reducing the cost of IT and increasing revenue that new workers can drive.
  2. Provide access on more devices.  As mentioned in Small Business Endpoint Virtualization - Smartphones, Tablets And PCs, people are increasingly taking advantage of various mobile devices.  For some users, such as field sales, leveraging these devices may have a dramatic impact on revenue by providing access to order entry systems, Intranets and other business critical data.
  3. Reduce costs associated with security breaches.  The Wall Street Journal published an article, "Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms" in which one business lost $22,000 due to compromised credit card numbers.  By maintaining control of corporate data in the confines of the company rather than on an end-user's device, there is substantially less risk of data loss or other security events.
  4. Lessen burden of upgrades.  Similar to point number one, every time a company needs to deploy a new application, installing the upgrade on all client devices may take a substantial amount of effort.  Centralized installations reduce costs and prevent unforeseen conflicts with other applications.
  5. Lower IT costs through thin clients.  In one example cited by IDC, there was a 40% reduction in hardware and software costs due to a thin client deployment.  Overall IT operating costs were reduced by one third.  These savings, including energy cost reductions, were all enabled through endpoint virtualization.

How do your employees access IT resources remotely?

Key Takeaways:

  • Remote Desktop Services reduce costs and increase revenues through better employee efficiency
  • Workers may be on boarded faster and drive more sales by having access to mobile devices
  • There is less risk, easier management and lower cost device options through endpoint virtualization


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