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Keep Data Safe from the Apes: The Data Backup System and You

Posted by Christian Kline

An outbreak of highly intelligent apes escape from a science facility and are ravaging your town or city, vandalizing everything in sight and your place of business might be next; what do you do? Haven’t seen the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer yet? That’s okay, because the apes are really just a metaphor for disaster. However, to answer the original question, you would not have to do anything if you invested some of your business’s resources in a data backup system.

 Data Backup System

Statistically speaking, Infonetics Research states that companies lose on average 501 hours to downtime annually due to disaster; time that could be spent generating more business and more profit instead of dealing with trivialities. Whether it be a corruption in the system or server—perhaps even a fire—the data your business holds precious would be contained safely and easily recoverable through a multitude of ways that may include:

  • Assisted offsite access through IT managed services
  • Encrypted data for maximum security.
  • Daily monitoring of backups.

Unlike self-service backups, which can be accessed via web browser by the user, assisted offsite access grants you the ease of mind that your data is in a safe location as well as the ability to have others pinpoint the data you need and have it delivered to you.

On the matter of safety, a pivotal feature of any remote backup service is its encrypted data system. When data is encrypted, the information is put into a special code through a cipher, a mathematical algorithm, which can only be accessed by the holder of the key. In this case it would be you. Even a chemically altered, highly intelligent ape might have trouble with getting at your data through this.

Finally, any reliable managed service provider that offers remote data archiving will leave you assured that they have a watchful eye upon your data. Good providers of any kind of remote data backup system will monitor it daily and will inform you of any problems or failures that may occur. This is important because there are many potential failure points in remote backups, including network, server, or software failures that could get in the way of a secure backup.

Through a wave of redundancies and other security techniques, remote archiving and data recovery has remained an essential part to any secure business. It has been the contingency plan for thousands of businesses across the globe. The apes are rustling in the trees, ready to strike; so what’s your plan to be ready for them?

Key Takeaways:

  • Remote Archiving and Data Recovery services are essential for businesses to survive through disasters.
  • Businesses lose 501 hours to downtime due to disaster from an absent remote backup service.
  • Encryption only allows for the holder of the key to access the data.
  • Daily monitoring identifies failure points in the network, server, or software.

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