Turbotek Discusses Small Business IT Resources with The DVS Group

Posted by Sean Kline

The DVS Group

Sean Kline, Managing Partner and President of Turbotek Computer Corporation, appeared on "The Entrepreneur Machine", a weekly radio show hosted by The DVS Group and broadcast on 1510 AM KCTE.  During the show Mr. Kline discussed his acquisition of Turbotek and ways in which the company provides small business IT resources.  The DVS Group is a specialist in connecting entrepreneurs and capital with business opportunities having an enterprise value up to $20M.  The full broadcast may be heard here:

Link To Radio Broadcast

One of the areas that Mr. Kline discussed was server virtualization.  He described how small businesses can get a cost neutral upgrade to their technology infrastructure through savings in power, cooling and management, among others.  This is done by consolidating multiple physicals into far fewer (one in some cases) through technology like HP blade servers and Microsoft Hyper-V. 

Mr. Kline also reviewed the entire process of the Turbotek acquisition from search to financing to close and transition.  Kevin Lindsey, President of The DVS Group, Kevin Lindsey, described how Turbotek was a good fit because of the ability to make a big difference by taking a background of enterprise selling and marketing to the small business.  Mr. Kline praised Turbotek's customer base and the strategic relationships that the company had established with small businesses in a wide variety of vertical industries. 

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