Webinar 3/24 Immediate Business Benefits of Endpoint Virtualization

Posted by Joanne Dawson

Maximizing the Business Benefits of Endpoint Virtualization - Higher Productivity, Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Learn how to navigate the maze of terminology and methodology to determine what's best for your business

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Industry  research shows that over 70% of businesses with virtualization deployments report achieving real, measurable cost savings from hardware and software consolidation, resource efficiency, improved availability, higher productivity, reduced administration, improved security, risk reduction, and improved agility. And almost 60% of those with virtualized infrastructures – are using desktop virtualization and application virtualization solutions.

Sean Kline Turbotek CEO

Join Sean Kline for this informative and interactive Webinar to learn about the various proven technologies behind some of the hottest trends in the endpoint virtualization market, including desktop delivery, application delivery, operating system upgrades, mobile and IT infrastructure management and the associated business benefits. We will highlight the key pros and cons, as well as some typical use cases. 

Learn how to choose an endpoint virtualization approach, how best to adapt to the new management opportunities and challenges introduced by endpoint virtualization and how to leverage endpoint virtualization to make your entire IT infrastructure far more flexible and dynamic while:

  • Reducing costs
  • Maximizing speed, efficiency and agility
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Delivering  mission-critical applications to end-users with the best performance and security

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