Turbotek Enhances IT Services for Small Businesses with EMC

Posted by Sean Kline

EMC notified Turbotek Computer Corporation, the Small Business IT Company, that it has been accepted into the EMC Velocity2 Partner Program.

EMC Velocity Program
As part of Turbotek's initiative to enhance IT services for small businesses, it has already completed EMC Proven Professional sales and sales engineering certifications.  This will enhance Turbotek's ability to help small businesses meet their organizational goals through a full range of Information Infrastructure products and services to:

  • Manage the growth of data
  • Optimize storage infrastructure
  • Improve backup capabilities
  • Establish appropriate information security.

Reducing isolated storage infrastructure allows small businesses to improve utilization which, in turn, reduces costs.  Furthermore, a holistic information infrastructure strategy improves overall availability and increases flexibility.

By providing a range of brands from Iomega to CLARiiON to Celerra, EMC provides choices to small business to solve information problems while balancing investment requirements.

Many small businesses are struggling with critical tasks such as data backups and would face an enormous challenge if they lost client data, financial information or production system integrity to name a few.  The ever increasing amount of information under the management of small businesses raises the need for storage consolidation options in order to contain costs and maintain manageability.  Finally, many small businesses have growth aspirations that require a scalable architecture.

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