New Hampshire Computer Company Turbotek Becomes Provisio Partner

Posted by Sean Kline

New Hampshire computer company Turbotek announced today that it has entered into partnership with Provisio.  Provisio offers software for kiosks and self-service terminals, critical functions for businesses in hospitality, travel, retail and other industries.

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As part of Turbotek's IT managed services that deliver business results through technology, it relies on a wide array of partners.  "Turbotek is delighted to integrate Provisio's Kiosk and other solutions to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs at our clients' operations," said Sean Kline, President & CEO of Turbotek.

While deploying Internet kiosks and self-service may be greatly beneficial to companies and end-users, it is important to do so in a secure manner that protects personally identifiable information and preserves privacy.  Provisio has achieved this with SiteKiosk, software that secures public access infrastructure, including Windows PCs, kiosks, terminals and self-service stations.

By securing user accounts with appropriate access, charging customers appropriately and integrating with remote management, Provisio protects companies from malicious users as well as those not aware of the dangers of computer and Internet misuse.  This impacts revenue, company reputation and costs.

Some of the main benefits of applying SiteKiosk to this application are its ease of configuration, touchscreen and virtual support and the ease with which it may be customized.

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