Server Virtualization For Small Business

It is possible to save hundreds of dollars per month through server virtualization for small business. Power, cooling, space, management costs and potential tax savings are a few of the benefits of server consolidation.

By implementing a virtual environment, small businesses may divide a single physical server into multiple logical servers performing the exact functions they were doing before:

Server Virtualization for Small Business

Turbotek provides an end-to-end solution for migrating your existing environment to the virtual world:

  • Site survey on site or via conference call
  • Configuration options through experienced technical services team
  • Procurement of hardware and licenses
  • Complete configuration of Microsoft Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V
  • Creation of all virtual servers (e.g. Terminal Servers, SQL, Domain Controllers, e-Mail)
  • On-site installation
  • Data migration, virtual startup and decommissioning of physical servers with minimal downtime
  • Education for staff
  • Post-installation support for incidentals
  • Optional on-going IT Managed Services