Small Business Remote Networking Monitoring

Your network may develop problems at any time.  Turbotek Small Business Remote Network Monitoring, SmartRemote, actively monitors and tracks key items such as servers, firewalls, SQL, Exchange, backups, network performance and much more.  This monitoring helps:

  • Identify potential failures and productivity-killing performance issues before they happen
  • More accurately identify the source of problems resulting in quicker resolution times
  • Provide immediate and automatic alerting and notification of issues and failures when they happen
  • Allow your service technician to focus on productivity issues and higher-level projects as opposed to more mundane monitoring tasks
  • Save your company money by reducing the frequency and duration of downtime

Selected devices on your network will be monitored in real time for problems and potential issues.  All alerts are e-mailed to Turbotek Support, a dedicated engineer and directly to you.

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