Small Business Remote Archiving & DR

A solid backup solution is crucial to any business.  Small Business Remote Archiving and DR are two initiatives to achieve such a backup solution.  Critical Archive is an affordable offsite, seamless way to backup your business data. Our data backup solution is a complete replacement for tapes or drives and requires only an Internet connection. Critical Archive features unmatched security, robust version control and online backup restoration 24 hours a day! 

How Valuable Is Your Data?

Can you afford to trust your data to just a tape system or backup service that is geared to quantity instead of quality?

Critical Archive features:

  • Reliable nightly backup that is monitored each day for success or failure.  You are notified instantly if a failure occurs.
  • Our online backups are encrypted for complete security - tapes are not.
  • Data restoration options from over the wire to fully managed with experienced network and support personnel
  • Most importantly - your backup is automatically off site at a SAS70 rated data center.

Small Business IT Data Archiving